About Brooke Linville

Brooke Linville’s commitment to service started young, receiving her elementary school’s Citizenship Award nearly every year and taking on leadership roles throughout her formative years. It was during this time that Brooke also began honing her writing skills, putting teenage angst to paper. In high school and college, she edited her school papers. After graduating from The George Washington University with a degree in Political Science in 2004, Brooke attended the University of Denver’s post-graduate program in book publishing, which led her to a year in Manhattan.

In 2005, Brooke moved to Boise, where she was born and had spent summers as a child. Substitute teaching led Brooke to return to school to begin her Master’s program in special education. That life path was derailed when Brooke’s home burned down in the Oregon Trail Heights fire in 2008 when Brooke was eight months pregnant followed by a stint with Lyme disease. After the fire, Brooke started a blog, which gained a local and national following. From this experience, Brooke started working with other bloggers and small businesses to help them build their audiences online through her company, Digavise.

In March 2015, the women’s college Brooke attended announced it was closing, launching alumnae into a battle to save the small liberal arts school at the base of the Blue Ridge. The night of the announcement, Brooke offered to build a website, which was launched in the early morning hours the next day with national media attention. The website became the hub of the movement with a social media campaign that helped build the momentum that would allow for a legal victory to save the school. Brooke helped lead the online fundraising effort that brought in more than $20 million in pledges and raised over $12 million in a few short months.

Brooke then turned her attention to a virtual reality startup, IonVR, where she took the helm during the launch phase of the product, taking it out of stealth mode. Brooke navigated the company through early capitalization and publicity, with mentions in Fortune, Inc., Digital Trends, The Verge, Tom’s Guide, UploadVR and more. Brooke also worked to ensure visibility at TechCrunch Disrupt and CES, where IonVR partnered with Intel.

Recently, Brooke has returned to her early passion of writing completing her first novel Saved by Grace, all while continuing to be a vocal advocate for those in need. Brooke is actively working to merge her technological know-how and online marketing skills with companies and non-profits who are looking to bring their messages to a larger audience.

Brooke continues to live in Boise, Idaho, with her two young sons.